December 2014



I thought I should bring you up to date regarding the next steps in my treatment.  First, I am presently under the medical supervision of Dr. Timothy Moynihan from the Mayo Clinic.  I am currently taking 800 mg of Votrient daily.  Votrient is a Angiogenesis  drug designed to constrict or abate blood vessel growth which cancer feeds upon.  The idea is to starve the cancer of essential blood.  So far, the drug is doing what its suppose to do.  It has shrunk all the spots in my lymphs and lungs.  PRAISE BE TO GOD!! 


Surgery is no longer an option as the disease has metastasized (spread in the lymphs and lungs as you know)  I don’t believe that Votrient is a long term solution.  I fear it will eventually take a toll on my other organs such as my liver and lone kidney as  well as causing hyper-tension along with several other negative side effects.  So, after much research for alternative solutions we have found an alternative homeopathic, integrative medical practice in Reno, Nevada. The doctor is  both a board certified Oncologist  and Homeopathic MD.  This is very rare.  This doctor has embraced and pioneered alternative therapies where he combines natural homeopathic therapy as well as standard of care therapy such as Chemo and Angiogenesis drugs.  In essence, this is where the West  meets the East in managing this dreadful disease.  He is currently looking to publish a white paper for the AMA relative to the past 750 Stage 4 cancer patients he has seen and treated the past 4.8 yrs (soon to be 5 yrs in March).  This will be a 5 yr. study  showing that his treatment of stage 4 cancer has a 67% success rate of treating stage 4 patients that live at least 5 yrs. or more.  Today, standard of care has a success rate of 3-4% for patients with stage 4 cancer that live for 5 yrs and beyond. 


The main goal of this clinic is to build your body and immune system up so that the body can naturally fight and manage the disease in a less toxic fashion.  The body actually starts fighting the disease on it’s own just as God designed it to.  Also, I will  continue to closely watch what I eat–restrict sugar, simple carbs, and other toxic foods/drink/activity. 


Terry and I have prayed long and hard about this direction.  We both have peace about it.  We will begin the therapy January 19 and complete it Feb 5th.  The entire treatment will be done in Reno.  We’ll be staying near Reno at a rental home so that we can  cook and try to live a normal life for 3 weeks.  God is faithful.  I have a very good friend that is a kidney specialist in Reno.  He has a home 50 minutes out of Reno.  He has committed to renting it to us for the entire 3 weeks for $350.  Praise God for  his provision!  After the first 3 week treatment I will need to return to Reno for another week of therapy after the first 3 months.  I don’t know what happens after that timeline.  As you can see this is both time consuming and financially challenging.  


So, our hope is that you will come along side of us during the next two months in prayer and support as we go thru this next journey.  If you would like more information about this therapy you can read more from two books.  Knockout by Suzanne Somers and The  Cancer Killer by Charles Majors.  These people both had stage 4 cancer and have been successful in “managing” the disease thru this therapy and of course, supplementation, and dietary refinement.


This treatment is not conventional therefore is not covered by insurance.  It will be out of pocket.  I am not complaining about this.  I just wanted to share this with you as Kathryn mentioned to me that perhaps a fundraiser could be done to assist in helping  with the out of pocket medical expenses.  After all expenses incurred this will be well over $40,000 investment into managing the disease in a non-toxic manner with hopes of living well beyond the 5 years.  I don’t believe (and statistics prove) standard of care can  do this for us. 


We are willing to accept the financial assistance only if the money is set aside in a trust or special account where it is managed by someone other than my direct family.  Whatever funds are raised can be used to pay expenses.  We would submit the bills to  be paid by the custodian of the account. (one of you) Although, I know our friends and family members trust us, I feel this would allow for accountability and integrity regarding proper use of the money. 


Please pray that God will continue to heal me, give us discernment, wisdom, peace, work favor and family protection as we walk thru unchartered waters in the coming days. 


Finally, when one is staring death in the face there are many fabulous gifts to be had.  People’s values change, connecting and conversations becomes extremely meaningful and important.  Walls are broken down, hurts are healed!  You have conversations, words  spoken, and time spent together that are being left as legacies.  When you pretend its not so serious you go on with superficial, normal ordinary life which is not rich with meaningful and purposeful interactions, conversations and special memories that can  leave a wonderful legacy. 


Looking forward to meaningful and rich conversations………


Blessings and love to all,


Craig & Terry


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