January 20th 2015 – First Day at Therapy

Hey everyone,

Well, today marked my first day of therapy at the Century Wellness Clinic in Reno.  The day started out at St. Mary’s Hospital to get a Picc-line inserted into my left bicep muscle which goes directly into a major artery.  This may sound painful, but honestly it was pretty painless.  the taped area is bothersome more than anything.  This was done so that the treatments can be done each day without poking me with needles everyday.

I am sitting in the “Infusion room” right now getting two IV drips.  One bag is a cocktail of multiple vitamins and supplements as the Genomic customized test revealed that there were 12+ vitamins and supplements ( Forsythe protocol immune builders) that will aid in boosting my immune system and helping to kill or arrest the Renal Cell Carcinoma at over a 90% efficacy rate.  (along w/low dose Chemo) The other bag is Poly MVA a natural cancer killer.  This is very encouraging to me!

So, Monday, Wed, Friday the therapy is designed to build up my immune system.  Tuesday, Thursday is focused on low dose Chemo.  The process used delivering Chemo is less toxic and actually more effective when combined with Immunotherapy.

Thanks for all your prayers and concerns—I appreciate it in a big way.

Blessings to all of you.


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