January 23rd 2015- Third day of Therapy

Hi All,

Today was day 3 of treatments.  I took on heavy doses of Vitamin C and Hydrogen Peroxide.  Both substances turn into oxygen at the cellular level.  Cancer cannot live in a fully oxygenated cell.  Therefore, here comes the cavalry to assist my immune system!!!!

Sound the trumpets we will be undaunted in 2015!!

The only negative since I started taking immunotherapy and Chemo is that I have come down with a major cold and cough.  So, please lift me up in prayer to get over this ASAP.

Tomorrow, Lord willing (and my blood count is good) I will have my second round of IPT low dose Chemo.  So far no nausea and no loss of hair…. :-).

My bride has been a faithful companion and warrior to walk thru this journey that I want nothing to do with by the way.  (in case you weren’t aware) 🙂  She is a model of “in sickness and in health, til death do us part.” I praise God for her each and everyday.

God has shown his face in many ways from the beautiful home in Tahoe that our dear friends Rob and Amy are allowing us to stay in from my brothers driving Terry to meet me here in Reno.  So many mercies laid upon me who doesn’t deserve such kindness and generosity.

We have been meeting so many cancer victims (one from Maple Grove area) that found the clinic similar to the way we found it.  Some have been here a couple of times managing their cancer.  Story after story where their standard of care doctors told them nothing else can be done.  But, now with customized, genomic testing these doctors are able to isolate specific vitamins, supplements, and Chemo therapy given in a special way that works to kill or arrest the cells with minimized side effects.

I think I have bored you long enough.  I will report in again.  Keep those prayers coming…..one can’t have too many.

All the very best,


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