January 26 Day 6 of Treatment

Hey everyone,

I thought I would write today as some amazing healing took place Saturday after my call out for prayer.  Thanks to all you prayer warriors for lifting me up during a difficult time.  It was truly a “God thing” experience on Saturday.  I slept on and off most of the day, at roughly 9:00 PM Terry decided to rub essential oils over my chest and feet.  She started praying Psalm 91 over me.  (If you haven’t read Psalm 91 I would strongly encourage you to do so.  It’s all about God’s protection over his people—the promises he makes for those that follow him) As she was praying I suddenly broke out in a major sweat due to the heat immenating from inside of me.  She could feel the heat like I was boiling inside as well as the dampness of my sweat on my chest.  This started a healing crises which led to open nasel passages and reduced coughing.  Later in the night I awoke around 2:30 am and was wringing wet—the result of a full healing crises taking place where the body takes over the sickness.

I felt so much better on Sunday.  So much so we took a ride up to the vista of Tahoe Donner to take in some beautiful scenary. It felt so good to get some fresh air after being couped up all Friday night and Saturday.  Thank God for the breakthrough!

Today, during my F.I.T. and Poly MVA therapy I got to know one of my fellow patients in detail.  He is roughly 46 yrs old, has two young children under 6 and has Stage 4 Colon cancer. Upon being diagnosed he did complete one round of traditional Chemo but due to the side effects (and research for a less toxic solution) decided to come to the Century Wellness Clinic under the care of Dr. James Forsythe.  This is his 3rd week of therapy.  He seems to be doing fine and is in good spirits.  Again, positive about the treatment and fully functioning during the therapy.

Tomorrow is Chemo day.  So, let’s pray that my immune system continues to be strengthened and that my body will continue to do battle both on the cold/cough front as well as killing sucky cancer cells.  That’s what I’m calling them now—they just plain SUCK and I want nothing to do wth them.  I am proclaiming war over them!I simply rebuke them in Christ’s name!! 🙂

In tremendous thanks and appreciation for your prayers and concern,

Craig (aka Papa G)

10 thoughts on “January 26 Day 6 of Treatment

  1. Jayne Larson

    We are so glad to hear that you are feeling better!! Going to read Psalm 91 right now!
    You and Terry are in our prayers!
    Gregg and Jayne Larson(friends of Kathryn and Larry we met at Ashley and Tanner’s wedding)


  2. Johnny D

    Papa G – Just found your blog and wanted you to know you’ve got four more prayer warriors in your camp! I’ll be doing some recruiting with some young lads over at UST today – that’ll get us some action, too. I’m sure you know that in the courage and faithfulness of you and Terry, He is glorified! That’s pretty awesome – eh? Sending blessings and healing prayers to you, buddy!


  3. Shelly Foy

    Craig, I’m rarely on facebook. God brought Kelsey ‘ s posting till my wall. I am praying for healing for you. I smiled at Terry’s use of oils and praying Psalm 91 over you. Those are the exact same 2 things I would do , too. You are in the Lord’s hand and the battle is His.


  4. Missy McManigle

    So glad you are feeling better Craig! We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers… people ask me just about everyday how you are doing. You have a lot of love and support coming from your Walman family! 🙂


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