January 29 Day 9 Pressing On

Hi All,

I am sorry I missed the last couple of days.  I can tell you my experience here at Century Wellness is changing my life on many fronts.  Terry and I am meeting many courageous people (image that Terry and Craig solcializing among the people I think Terry knows everyone in the place)  that are almost all facing some type of Stage Four cancer.

First, there’s the courage, bravery, and tenacity of the patients that just blows me away. It is truly amazing to me to see the resilence of the human spirit when placed in extrodinary health challenges.  My fellow peers here at Century Wellness Clinic are truly an inspiration to me regarding their grit to take on disease at what are sometimes seemingly unbeatable odds.  But not here.  Because of this type of treamment regarding Imunnotherapy and Chemotherapy the patients have hope in the midst of great adversity.  There is Hope.  There is Courage.  There is Faith.  There is an environment where people won’t give up or give in!!  We will prevail.  We will be Undaunted in 2015 and beyond……

Wed was Immunotherapy day so that went well.  Although, I still have a nagging cold with accompanying irratable cough, I am very thankful to God for the fact that I still have a pretty good appetite and have had zero nausea!  Today, was Chemo day.  Because of the delivery protocol Century Wellness employes I am able to take a much lower dose of Chemo with better efficicay killing the cancer due to the customized approach relative to my Genomic test.  So, the side effects are less than those of standard of care and frankly, I feel pretty good.

I want to share with you my observations regarding  one particular patient that I have gotten to know first hand.  He is an outgoing person who has Stage Four brain cancer.  He first dealt with it 5 yrs ago, now he has had a recurrence like myself.  On Thanksgiving Day he had a 9 hr. brain surgery to remove the tumor.  Now, he is at the clinic getting treatments that will help put him back in remission.  He has 3 kiddos, is in his late 30’s, and is an attorney—nothing but a shining example of positivity.  Oh, by the way, he just found out he has MS.   I believe he lives his life in such a way that is truly inspiring.  I have a saying many of you may have heard me say over the years….”It’s not what happens to us that defines us, it’s how we respond to what happens to us that defines us in life”.  in other words, my response is my responsibility to whatever happens to me.  I choose Hope.  I choose Faith.  I choose the Lord.  I choose the highroad!

Terry and I are reading a book titled, “What are You Afraid of?” by David Jeremiah.  In the chapter regarding Disease: The Fear of Serious Illness he talks about that “in sickness, our focus sharpens, and our perception of what’s truly important narrows to exclude the periperal values that clutter our lives when good health keeps us too busy to appreciated the simple blessings, which are often the best ones.”

As I have said to you before this disease stinks, but I am not going to waste it.  I am going do my best to share with you the Hope that i have thru our God, King of the universe.

Counting it all joy in Jesus name…..

Craig (aka Papa G)

10 thoughts on “January 29 Day 9 Pressing On

  1. Cheryl

    Everyday praying for you! You can’t imagine the hope that your journey instills in our own lives in so many ways. Seeing the forest and not just trees…in life. Every little problem is one of those trees but the real story lies in the forest…the whole bigger picture. Your journey is encouragement to all of us. May God work miracles in it. Love you guys! Keep on pressing on!


  2. Brad & Tami Beckman

    Love you Craig! God has an amazing way of putting us in circumstances that can be used for His purpose. Thank you for witnessing your faith to so many in need of the hope it provides!


  3. Sheri

    It seems ironic to me that the person who should be receiving encouragement is the very one blessing so many with the reminder of what life is all about and why faith and hope are such gifts from our loving Father. I see Romans 8:28 displayed in your experience. All is not good but He is using it for good! May God continue to wrap His arms around you and give you strength and peace.


  4. Jayne Larson

    Craig and Terry Glad to hear things are going well. Your posts are inspiring to Gregg and I. Still praying for you both!! Blessings, Gregg and Jayne

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