February 4 Pressing On Day 13 of 15 Treatments

Hey Everyone!

I am so looking forward to coming home!!  Just two days left of treatments.  Monday we did immunotherapy and Tuesday two Chemotherapy treatments. So, I feel like I have a permanent IV attached to me.  (I wonder if they could throw a bit of wine in it once and a while) 🙂  Today, immunotherapy and Thursday my last Chemo treatment of this 3 week session.  Friday will be back to immunotherapy to get me super-charged for coming home.

Everyday Terry and I meet with a doctor to insure my vitals, blood, nutrition, attitude, and general health is in good order.  For going thru such an arduous process the team at Century Wellness have made this made this an “excellent customer experience”.

As we have gone thru this journey I am reminded how blessed I am to have such a great family and friend network.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get a comment regarding a blog or a text to wish me well.  I cannot put into words how greatly Terry and I have appreciated your support.  There are times we laugh and times we cry, but all the time we rely on our great God to help us thru the trials and tribulation of managing this “Sucky” disease.  ( I had to get one more sucky in there)

I believe that this was the best course of action for me and Terry agrees.  Because of the way Century Wellness delivers the Chemo (along with changing my diet and taking numerous supplements each day) I am able to feel relatively good thru the treatments and live a more normal life.  I know in my heart of hearts that some time in the future our standard of care system along with insurance companies regarding cancer will realize that there are better ways to treat the disease than just throwing drugs into people and hoping they make it through it all.

So, Monday, Tuesday,and Wed I got a chance to meet with and talk to a nice couple from Norfolk, NE.  We were IV buddies. The Mrs. has breast cancer that also managed to get into her vertebre in her back.  She went thru traditional treatments but got so sick she decided there had to be a better way.  They found their way to CWC.  It is fasinating to meet people from around the country.  I love listening to their story.  Not one of them puts off a “woe is me” attitude.  I have seen strength in people thru great physical weakness.  It is totally and completey awe inspirting to me.  It is so true that no matter what our circumstances can ALWAYS be worse.  This is why it is so important to look at the positive in everything—complain less, appreciate more!  This is true in business, personal relationships, and in every area of life.

Starting Friday at 1pm we have a 26 hour jouney by car ahead of us.  We’ll stop in Salt Lake City Friday night, then Omaha where we’ll stay with my brother and sister-in-law.  Then, home Sunday!  Pray that the weather and roads stays good and that I will not experience any fatigue during the drive.  I leave you with this awesome scripture from Psalm 91:1-4:

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “he is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”  Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. (disease) He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge;his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

This my friends is what I hang on too……there is nothing more to say than this.

May you be blessed beyond measure!

Craig (aka Papa G)

25 thoughts on “February 4 Pressing On Day 13 of 15 Treatments

  1. Tammy brooks

    I love your positive attitude, this cancer stuff sucks as it affects so many love ones in all of our lives! I am so happy Terry is along your side! Your faith is such an inspiration to all of us reading your blog! Love and prayers for the rest of your week! Safe travels home to you both!


  2. Jayne Larson

    Craig Your words are blessing us! May you be blessed as you finish your treatment and begin your travels home! God be with you and Terry!

    Gregg and Jayne

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  3. Jodi Dianchrist

    Thank you so much for the continual updates. Seems like we are right there along your side. What a blessing this clinic is. Praying you through and looking forward to hearing you’ve made it back to Minnesota safe and sound. The weather is suppose to be warming up startng on Friday. Safe travels and continued endurance prayed for you and your lovely bride.


  4. Mark Blaylock

    Craig, you truly are an inspiration to all who believe in Spirtual Healing from God almighty!
    Praying that you and Terry have a safe trip back home, safe travels and God Bless!


  5. Monica Munson

    Craig & Terry
    Blessings for a safe travel home. We’ve been praying for continued success on the journey you’ve so eloquently & humbly shared.
    So happy for you-
    Monica & Dave Munson


  6. Denis & Sidney

    The human spirit is a wonderful thing! Everyone that faces illness and any other negative flow in their lives can face it with faith, love and the POWER of people like YOU and the others at CWC. If we have not all learned just a bit more about ourselves as friends go through tramatic times; then we have learned nothing. THANK YOU for sharing.


  7. Morrie Coles

    I was happy to get the link to this blog from Joanne on Monday! You can be sure YOUR mission and ministry, to be inspirational and a teacher, is stronger now than ever! You WILL beat this Sucky disease😀. We wish you all a safe trip home! Don’t push it… “Stop to smell the flowers.”
    Morrie Coles & family


  8. Kathryn

    Blessings to you and Terry and Lexie as you begin the trek home. We miss and love you so very much. If you need another driver please call us we can hop on a plane and meet you there or Salt Lake or NE if you are feeling too tired! Cant wait to see you and hear all about your time in Reno thanks for sharing this very private journey as it gives us all HOPE. Love you
    Kathryn and Larry


  9. David Sylvester

    I was excited to get your link. You have been on my mind and I have been praying for you. It is encouraging to read your words and feel your heart message come through. This disease does not define you. Your faith, your family and your friends do. These are strong as evidenced by your blog and the love and support you have from your family and friends. I will continue to pray and am excited to here more about your journey and the success The Lord gives you. God bless.


  10. Brad Beckman

    Hi Craig and Terry,

    You truly have been an inspiration to all of us who have been able to track your progress through this blog! Thank you for taking the time to write your heartfelt recap of your daily experiences. I have no doubt that you and Terry have touched so many lives during your treatment! God puts us in places of need, you have shown all of us how to respond to Gods calling. Can’t wait to be able to have breakfast with you soon! Safe travels!

    Brad & Tami


    1. Thanks Bead–had a setback Friday. Kidney stone moved. Had to go to hospital fir 3 hrs to get morphine and to stabilize stone. Pray for miracle of stone passing without incident! On way home now. Long journey ahead.


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