Prayer Warriors Needed!

Hello Everyone ,

This is Kelsey writing for Dad…

We have had a little bump in the road for Dad. Friday morning in his last treatment, he started to have pain on his right side.  This is the side that dad still has a kidney. He asked if he should be experiencing this and the Doctors and nurses seemed worried. Dad turned as white as a sheet and they called for an Ambulance to bring him to the hospital. As we all know, Mom is very knowledgable when it comes to sickness and she immediately thought it was a kidney stone passing. Sure enough she was right! Dad spend all of Friday in the Hospital but was cleared to go sat morning. They are on their way back to Minnesota now, but we are praying that the stone won’t cause anymore pain until they get home. There are long stretches where they don’t get phone signal and no places to stop if dad were to experience this pain again.

Please be Praying for them to get home safety. Pray for protection over them as they travel. We know prayers are powerful and were asking for you to unite and lift them up in prayer as they travel for the next few days!

Thanks for all your love and support through this journey:)

Blessings, Kels

7 thoughts on “Prayer Warriors Needed!

  1. JoAnne Southworth


    Prayers will follow you and your family every mile until you are home and they will continue on until those sucky cells are at rest and that kidney stone has passed.

    JoAnne and John


  2. Susannah Slavich

    Praying for your safe and pain free return. Get home as soon and as safely as you can and let your family surround you with their love and strength.


  3. Thanks guys…..made it home without incident. Went to doc today for ultrasounds and more doctor stuff……God must think I can take a lot cause he won’t give me more than I can handle……:-)


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