Pressing On…..the conclusion of the trip.

We have arrived safely at home.  It is such a blessing to be back home and to sleep in my own bed.  I was gone 4 weeks.

As many of you know I had a bout with a moving kidney stone Friday.  What a day that was!!  I ended up in the ER of St. Mary’s in Reno.  I had to be taken by ambulance from Century Wellness Clinic to St. Mary’s.  By the time I had arrived at the hospital they had an IV set up and shot me with morphine.  It wasn’t fun pain…..

An ultrasound and two X-rays later revealed a 6 mm kidney stone, yes that’s a pretty sizable stone.  Thank God I was able to drive the 25 hours back home without incident.  I am now working with my Internist and Urologist locally to determine next steps.  I must tell you I am getting a “wee bit short” on the patience side of things regarding these issues.  Having said this, I also know that “things could always be worse”.  So, thank you Lord for helping me get thru the fire…once again.  🙂

Appreciate more, complain less.  Undaunted in 2015 and beyond.  This brings to mind a wonderful piece of scripture that I put to memory many years ago.  Philippians 4:6-7  “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests of God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”.   

So, the first leg of the journey is over.  Now, I start phase two.  Next week I begin taking 400 mg of Nexavar a chemotherapy pill.  The idea of this treatment is to double up on my 3 week therapy.  This will continue to aid in killing the “sucky” cancer cells.  So, I am hoping, praying, and expecting that this 3 month treatment will continue to CRUSH the cancer cells.  In addition, I will remain on my supplemental therapy daily.

Pray specifically that the cells will indeed be crushed and killed AND that I will experience zero side effects of the drug.

Once again, I want to express my sincere and deep appreciation as well as heartfelt thanks for all of you following me, sending me notes of encouragement and especially for prayer.  I cannot express in words my “thanks” for all your concern.

Looking forward to brighter days ahead!!

Blessings to all of you.

Craig (aka Papa G)

6 thoughts on “Pressing On…..the conclusion of the trip.

  1. Tammy Brooks

    Welcome home!
    I am an expert on kidney stones!tell Terry it is worse than having a baby!
    Huge prayers for your chemo to kill the cancer.Those precious grandbabies need their papa.
    Hugs to you both!


  2. afvcmah

    Glad you are home. We had been praying for your drive. I have experienced tenacious stones so had much empathy! Thanks for the specific requests. Consider them memorized!!! Will continue holding you before the throne!!!
    Ken and Marcia Hansen


  3. Denis & Sid

    Home will help and you BELIEVE in the help you are getting will KILL those dang cells. Belief is strong medicine and you have lots of friends praying for a full recovery…from ALL of it. Hey BIG GUY, give our friend Craig a break…knock this out once and for all. We need his strength and resolve.


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