Pressingon after the storm……going thru the calm.

Hey Ya’ll,

Its been a quiet week this week—thank God!!

Today, I started my Nexavar Chemo pills.  So, it will be interesting how I respond to this new prescription versus what I experienced with Votrient.  The nice thing is that I am taking only 400 mg of Nexavar versus 800 mg (maximum dose) of Votrient.  The side effects I had with Votrient were (to me) unliveable.  This medicine turned ALL the hairs on my body white, the bottom of my feet were terribly sore so much so I had to buy new shoes with special ortho arches to keep the majority of my weight off the balls of my feet.  This high dose left me with only 75% of my typical energy, created sporatic diahrea, and caused me to have extreme anal pain.  ( I know TMI)  But, I wanted you to know how miserable that dosage and medicine was for me.  I believe since I will be on a dose 1/2 the amount of Votrient and it is a slightly different drug I will experience very little side effects.  (That’s the prayer request and positive mindset)

Once again, I want to express my sincere thanks to all of you for your prayers and concern.  I felt like I had a gallery of people behind me every inch of the way.

Oh, by the way, just a quick update regarding my fun Kidney stone adventure… week I get the “almighty stent” out of the ol’ureter—O Joy!!!

So, I will leave you with the following thought…..this is my belief relative to “surviving the storms of life”.  I hope you agree.  (this is an excerpt taken from the book written by Dr. David Jeremiah–What Are You Afraid Of?

I believe Jesus gives us the key to surviving storms in His story about two houses: one built on the sand, the other on solid rock.  The sand represents the shallow, shifting, and unreliable values of worldly culture.  The rock represents the unshakable truth of God.  (Matt 7:24-27) As the storm rages, the first house quickly topples into the sand and washes out to sea.  The other stands firm, withstanding the force of the most violent winds.  This is my experience.  I believe that people who place their trust in God withstand every storm because they have built their lives on the only foundation that cannot be moved.  

This my friends is my story…..and I’m sticking with it.

Fyi, I will be continuing this blog on a weekly basis.  I will check in regarding my journey, but also continue to post encouraging words each week.  I hope you enjoy it.

Hoping that you will experience abundant blessings in your life today.

Craig (aka Papa G)

12 thoughts on “Pressingon after the storm……going thru the calm.

  1. Carol Miller

    Craig, my thoughts and prayers are with you! I am praying that the new med will be tolerated better! Hang in there! I think of you as a mentor!!


  2. Cathy Lundgren

    Dear Craig & Terry ,we are continuing to pray for your family & you ! You are so…right to stick your solid foundation in Christ! Don’t ya wonder how people try to weather the storms without God in their lives? God will use all that you’re going through to give others hope to believe HE is their only HOPE to weather the storms…Think about when Jesus walked on water & calmed the storm! May that be your experience in your days ahead …Love ,Peace & comfort & Strength :}}}

    In Christ’s Love,


  3. Mark Blaylock


    I continue to ask God to protect you and your family. God is always with us providing love, comfort and healing. Hoping your new Med’s provide comfort during your healing. Your are my hero and mentor, and I truly believe that you will be healed! Amen.


  4. John Alofs

    Craig, You are in my daily prayers as you fight the good fight! I hope that the new meds in the lower dosage work for you. Hope to see you in New York in 3 weeks.


  5. Denis

    TMI…naw, it’s great therapy for everyone that has had to deal with the difficulties that intrude upon our lives. Your fight and faith are an inspiration. We can succeed…sometimes the challenge is more than we would prefer…but, rising to the challenge and succeeding is a great gift!
    See ya soon!!


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