cdgpressingon….the Storm after the Calm……

Hello All,

I f you have ever had the saying, “this is the calm before the storm” you will understand the week that I just experienced.

It all started last Saturday waking up feeling a little bit “off” from my usual self.  Terry and I traditionally set out every Saturday to go to coffee and spend the entire day together running errands and doing multiple things.  This day would be different. Indeed, we went to coffee, but I was feeling weak and lethargic.  So, we decided it best to go home after coffee and just chill.  While at home we checked my temp and it was a meager 101.5 which tells me I had some type of viral flu perhaps.  We spent the rest of the day at home and I tried to drink as many fluids as possible while Terry prepared a chicken bone broth to settle my stomach.  Later than night and early into Sunday morning at 2:00 am the dreaded diarrhea bug showed up in full strength.  All day Sunday and Monday was spent on the “porcelain throne” in agony.  By Monday I was so tired and haggard from eliminating any real nutrition or substance I had lost several pounds.  In fact, by Tuesday morning I weighed a mere 189 lbs.  Just to give you some perspective i typically weight between 200 and 205 lbs.  So, I quickly lost several pounds of mainly fluids I am sure.  To add insult to injury, I had an appointment to take the stent from my Ureter Tuesday morning.  I can honestly tell you that at some point Monday I was totally dejected and angry with God asking, “Lord, how much more pain do I have to endure”?  I cried out to Him in desperation knowing that he would never forsake me, but I must admit I was weak, tired, and disappointed.   There are times we do get angry with life or with God. This doesn’t mean we don’t love Him, it doesn’t mean we are giving up or in, it just means we are human.  It’s no different than a love relationship we are in. There are times you fight, get angry, get disappointed, dejected, feel let down, get frustrated, etc., with this person.  But, at no time would I consider turning my back to my God  as I would not my spouse or my children.

Getting back to the story.  So, Tuesday morning I go in for the infamous “stent removal”.  This is something I have been dreading ever since IT went in.  Like Star Trek, for me this was the “final frontier” that I really didn’t want to blast into.  Although, I was hoping for “warp speed” to get past this uncomfortable extraction.  Sure enough, it was as I suspected.  It was quick (thank God), but none the less, hugely painful.

So what am I learning through all of this? (besides bringing my pain tolerance level to another level) Ii am learning to rely on Him more so than ever.  Life is fragile.  There are many things in life (we think we can control) we can’t control.  So, I am learning to roll with it knowing that the God of the Universe will not let me down.  He hasn’t yet.  There have been so many ways He has protected me and has been with us during this journey from the great weather and roads to and back from Reno to the fact the kidney stone was not round, but odd shaped that allowed me to urinate and to avoid kidney failure.  I continue to understand that family and people are more important than things.  I am learning to accept the circumstances that I am in because this is where God wants me.  Nothing happens without his oversight.  Therefore, I wish to honor Him in and through this challenging health journey.  There is nothing He cannot do.  In Isaiah 40:15 the Bible talks about His awesomeness—“Surely the nations are like a drop in the bucket; they are regarded as dust on the scales;  he weighs the islands as though they were fine dust”.  This puts things into proper perspective for me.

I continue to put my trust in a God who is AWESOME and has the Universe right where He wants it… more, no less.

Trusting you are blessed today and always,

Craig (aka Papa G)

12 thoughts on “cdgpressingon….the Storm after the Calm……

  1. JoAnne and John

    Craig, We pray that days and weeks ahead will be less challenging for you and your family, and that God will continue to protect you.


  2. afvcmah

    Wow, Craig….I am at a loss for words. I know…pretty unbelievable. We continue to pray for you. Rhank you for the encouragement. Your words are a blessing…
    Marcia Hansen


  3. Chris Ossmo

    Craig, I continue to be inspired and humbled by you and your brave outlook. Thank
    you for sharing your experience and thoughts with us. I continue to pray for you and your family that He wraps His healing arms around you.
    With warmest regards,
    Chris Ossmo


  4. Kory

    I know, you are strong in the Lord and sometimes weak in your flesh. God knows and loves us still. You are tested and I see you continue to cry out to the Lord. I can see God. I know because for different reasons I do the same. I raise you up and pray for complete healing. It’s possible.


  5. Maureen Stoffel

    Craig and Family
    …you truly have it going in the right direction when you KEEP LOOKING UP!

    Maureen Stoffel


  6. Holly Fisher

    I’m proud of you for seeing little glimmers of joy in a very challenging situation. You are truly a gift to those around you and an inspiration to all! I keep you in my prayers!


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