CDG Pressing On…..status quo.

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year!  I hope your New Year is starting off better than you ever imagined it would.

The new year brings with it hopes and dreams of a better life.  Perhaps, its the hope and desire to become a better parent, partner, friend, loved one, student, employee, etc.  We set our sites on better things to come and think about ways we can make it all happen (by the grace of God).

Well, I’m right about on time for this blog–about every 6 weeks.  One of my New Years resolution is to blog more often and add practical tips and information for those of you that may be suffering.  Or, know someone that is suffering and could use some good, natural information relative to health care.  On my last blog I talked about how important it is to “take your thoughts captive”.  You see, when you are battling stage IV cancer it is imperative that you constantly think positively.  It is imperative that you “appreciate MORE, complain LESS”.  Your mindset is critically important in battling any type of illness.  You MUST NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER, give up (like the late, great Winston Churchill told his countrymen at the most difficult time in their history). You (we) must fight on with a mindset that we are going to win against what we are facing in life.  It doesn’t have to be a life threatening disease.  It could be dealing with a difficult boss at work.  It could be you are in a terrible relationship (hopefully not abusive—get out of that ASAP) It could be you are in the midst of raising a family and it seems like you’ll never get past the urgent in order to relax.  I don’t know what you are dealing with, but I do know ONE thing about life these past 8 years of dealing with this disease and it’s NEVER GIVE IN!!!! Fight always!
A quick update—the last scans showed that the disease have been stopped in it’s track. The lesions have not grown, the nodules in my right lung have turned to scars and I am able to do most things. I have even gotten back to golfing. PRAISE GOD FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS! I even workout 3 times a week.

There’s a great verse that can help how we think and it’s in John 16:33, He is the One whom I find comfort and reassurance: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble. But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”  

Jesus is telling us that YES you will have trouble in this world.  We live in an imperfect world where Satan rules the Earth.  He fell from Heaven because he wanted to be God. He didn’t want to be “just an Angel”.  As such he caused this world to be that way it is—sickness, sorrow, selfishness, confusion, etc.  Thankfully, God had a master plan.  He sent his Son to redeem the world.  He defeated death and Satan at the cross.  He created goodness in the hearts and minds of people.  Those of you that are committed Christians and live our life in such a way that is pleasing to God and obey his commands will be rewarded and rejoice in life after death (of this world).

In Psalm 46:1 David talked about how God was always with him.  He states, “He is right here with me in the midst of my trouble, and I am not alone: God is our REFUGE and STRENGTH, and ever-present help in trouble.”

In truth, cancer sucks!  I find that I constantly have to be aware of what I am eating or drinking for fear that I’ll “feed the beast”.  There is much truth to the saying, “you are what you eat”.  Our bodies were designed (by God) to fend off disease and repair itself when under duress or stress.  I believe that we should “let food be our medicine and our medicine be our food”.  Although, there are drugs that can help one overcome a specific disease (or help manage it better) in the long term we need to alter our diet in such a way that we are feeding our bodies that type of food that it was designed to ingest, digest, and process for long term health.  It was interesting to me today while I waited to get my Immunotherapy treatment they had an interesting fact on the TV video loop.   One particular fact stood out to me and that is 7% of America eats at McDonald’s everyday. That’s pretty crazy!  Processed, (processed food in general) fast food is the last thing we should be eating.  Yet, nearly 24 million people eat there everyday.  So, if you are suffering with cancer or know someone that is I would suggest the following:

1.  Eliminate or extremely minimize ALL forms of sugar unless its Stevia or a natural plant based sugar!!

2. Eat clean–this means ALL organic fruits and vegetables, (sure it costs more, but if you dont there’s a good chance your medical bills will continue) no nitrates, nitrites, antibiotics in chicken or other meat or poultry, no MSG, eat only GRASS FED beef or buffalo, wild caught Salmon or white fish, (no farm raised fish unless it’s organically sustainable), eat organic eggs produced by cage-free, organically fed chickens.

3.  Go Gluten Free even though you don’t have a gluten sensitivity.  The wheat we eat today is highly processed and is down right not good for you.  If you must eat grains eat Ezekiel grains.  These are sprouted grains produced like in Biblical times–excellent for you.

4.  Eat good fats such as butter made from grass fed cows.  Other “good fats” include avocado, Omega oils from organic nuts such as almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, macadonia nuts, pine nuts, etc.  Coconut oil and medium chain triglyceride Oil (MCT oil) are a must in your everyday diet.

5. Minimize STRESS!  In the long term I believe it was stress that led to my immune system being weakened which gave the cancer a chance to “grab hold in my body”.  Be sure you take vacations. Get outside and breathe fresh air each day for a minimum of an hour.  Breathe deep and release.  Get exercise everyday—whether that’s a walk, workout, biking, swimming, etc.  JUST TAKE TIME TO DO IT!!

6.  Get to know God in a personal way. Read the Bible.  Learn what God’s word has to say about healthy living, relationships (especially with him), and other great words of wisdom in this time tested book.  He loves you and longs to know you in a more intimate way.  There is no other way to true peace in this world.  

7.  If you are sick, take FAR INFRARED saunas.  Invest in a Bio-Mat which is FDA approved and can help eliminate deadly toxins in your body.  Do coffee enema’s.  That’s right you heard me—coffee enema’s.  Just google it.  Once you do a coffee enema you won’t believe how much better you will feel.  This type of enema helps activate the lower intestine and helps your liver “dump toxins”.  It’s imperative you protect your liver from toxins.  This is one organ you can’t do without if it’s not working properly.  πŸ™‚

8.  Take supplements to aid your immune system, fight inflammation, and re-vitalize your body.  Buy HIGH QUALITY supplements!!  Companies like Standard Process, Pure, Medi-Herb, Garden of Life, etc.  Google it.  You’ll find good quality products.  High quality supplements are made of “real” food, not synthetic chemicals.  Your body will be able to easily digest these types of supplements. 

9.  Get rid of hate, resentment, jealousy, bitterness, anger etc., in your life and replace them with the Fruits of the Spirit which is defined in Galatians 5:22-23, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Against such things there is no law.”  

Friends and loved ones, I think you’ll find when you practice the above things your LIFE WILL IMPROVE!  There is no doubt in my mind.  I have personally experience what I would call miracles based on these things but most of all because of those of you that continue to pray for my good health—-the Lord is listening.  He is healing me.  

Thank you for your faithfulness!  I will never take this for granted.  

Look for my next blog in February to both bring you up to date regarding treatments and scans (I have scans scheduled for mid-Feb) and to comment on other life topics such as persevering in difficult circumstances, leading others through example, raising children who love the Lord, self-control and discipline in life, finding (or growing) your faith, faith in the workplace, etc.  

Stay tuned……All my love and appreciation for your support and friendship.  

Blessings galore in 2017 and beyond,

Craig, aka Papa G






















































12 thoughts on “CDG Pressing On…..status quo.

  1. Mark Blaylock

    Hi Craig,

    You continue to be a blessing for all of us with your inspiration and your faith in God.

    I truly appreciate your positivity in all that you do, and your ability to be a follower of our

    Glad to hear that you are doing well, and as you know, each day God overshadows and protects us!

    Take care,

    Mark Blaylock


  2. Chad G

    Thanks for the update and the wisdom Papa G! That’s awesome that you created a list of lifestyle things people can follow if they’re struggling with Cancer – solid list!

    Love you – keep the updates and encouragement up!



      1. Shannon Jones

        We miss you, too! I attended NSM with Chris…to assist with the IDD Group. It was great seeing Shoo, but would have liked to have seen you, as well.

        Stay positive, Stay strong! You are truly an inspiration to us all!
        God is working his Magic through you!


  3. Kay Jensen

    Hi Craig

    This is powerful and I have reread and shared it many times. This is a true map. Can’t wait to see you. I am at Academy and you are missed. Please keep writing!

    Sent from my iPhone



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